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Bohemia Holiday 4oz Candle

Bohemia Holiday 4oz Candle

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Wrap yourself in comfort with this fragrance! This fruit forward scent has a cozy warmth that's always inviting - with bright citrus and a touch of black cherry as the heart of the fragrance.

Top Notes: Citrus
Middle Notes: Plum, Black Cherry
Base Notes: Sugar, Light Musk, Amber, Freesia, Vanilla

Handpoured in small batches

Burn Time : 25+ Hours
Candle Care : The first time you burn the candle, allow the wax to melt 2 to 3 hours to ensure the wax burns to the edges of the container. This helps prevent tunneling, where the candle burns straight down the middle, leaving extra wax along the sides. Keep your burn time to a maximum of 3 to 4 hours at a time. This will help prevent the wick from mushrooming, which can cause the flame to get too large, the candle to smoke, and soot to be released into the air. Make sure to trim your wick to 1/4" before each burn. This will ensure a smaller, safer flame with less smoke and soot.

* Our all natural hand poured soy wax candles do not contain any colorants or dyes.

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